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Fast Acting, Results Based Advice To Beat Procrastination and Boost Profits

Special 1-Hour FREE Business Growth Session for Brisbane Businesses With 4+ Employees

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This dynamic and motivational Keynote Presentation is like switching on a light. You can use these practical insights to accomplish better results immediately! Just imagine if you (and your team) were able to beat procrastination, meet the challenge of change and be empowered to win! If this were true, more customers, higher productivity, more profit and your best year ever would be the result!

Here’s what an attendee our last seminar had to say…

“The motivation and desire to improve our business. The belief that James is the person who can arm us with
the tools to achieve this. The confidence to know that 2017 will be our best year yet.” Chris Evans. Qld Soil Testing.

Here’s The 5 Best Reasons To Attend This Dynamic Presentation on
Beating Procrastination and Boosting Profits in Your Business!

  1. You can expect business performance to increase as a result of this Keynote.
  2. Get focused on the top 4 priorities for your own excellent individual performance.
  3. Focus on the 5 most profitable levers for your small business growth and success.
  4. See a real-life example of business growth in action.
  5. Discover how to turn your individual ‘potential’ into potent, profitable action!

Here’s what other Brisbane Business Owners say about our business growth advice…

“The last email that James wrote for me resulted in $247,000 worth of new opportunities into my sales pipeline… Wow!  Another recent strategy James helped me with saw a 100% initial response rate from target Business Owners, a 93% conversion into appointment and over $146,000 in closed business to date with $220,000 remaining the pipeline!” Greg Eicke, Phone Systems Brisbane.

“My weekly net income increased by 100% in 120 days thanks to James McNamara and Impact Factory and I did it without spending any more money on advertising. What’s more he knew nothing about my industry prior to working with me!”
D. Cooke, Digitech (QLD).

“The results I got from the marketing literature I purchase from James at the Impact Factory, were immediate. His material unblocked my thought process and got me writing create ads within an hour.” Derek Morgan, CEO, HEO Software.

Discover Practical Insights Into Why People Fail And How You Can
Be 100% Certain To
Hit Your Goals in 2017… Guaranteed!

There are 4 specific reasons why people procrastinate. You’ll discover what these are along with the formula for getting done what has to be done at work and at home.

This is not an ‘airy fairy’ message in any way! Instead, this is a pragmatic, structured and to-the-point system for taking more action and getting things done in life. You’ll learn how to take action without stress or other common pitfalls that cause people to fail.

This will be the best 50 minutes you have ever spent discovering the secrets to beating the failure cycle, overcoming procrastination, focusing your thinking and empowering yourself to win this year!

More praise for this practical message of small business growth and success…

“I attended a Business Growth Session run by James McNamara. I was immensely impressed with James’ quality of leadership and knowledge of Marketing and Business strategies. His presentation skills were also impressive as the material was presented in such a way that it was easy to absorb and understand without all the fluff that many presenters use. I would like to work with James on future marketing and client consulting projects in the future.” Derek Miles, Public Accountant.

“James is an excellent planning facilitator. So far, he has run three sessions with our bank. Each time his process and facilitation style have been excellent. He has helped our team to consolidate the future vision and develop clear strategies to get there. The team are always very motivated after James’s sessions.” Justine Kennedy, Branch Manager Bendigo Bank Victoria Point.

Book your session today to avoid missing out. Bring your business partner or second in charge along with you for FREE too. They’ll love it.

Just fill in the form below and James will get in touch with you right away.

Book Your FREE Session Now. Don’t Risk Missing Out.

Note “How To Have Your Best Year Ever” and “The Quantum Leap Program” are delivered under licence from YB12Coach and Life in Balance Seminars Pty Ltd.

Visit www.yb12coach.com.

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Team Building Brisbane – revolutionary team productivity system https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/team-building-brisbane/ https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/team-building-brisbane/#respond Tue, 18 Apr 2017 05:42:43 +0000 https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/?p=1579

Here’s How Get Your Team Firing on All Cylinders
and Achieving Better Results Than Ever Before!

Here’s Your Chance to Take a Look at this
Revolutionary Team Productivity System – for FREE!

From the desk of James McNamara, April 2017.

From the desk of James McNamara, April 2017.

What is it that gives you the competitive edge? How can you out perform your competitors? What do you have that they don’t have and they can’t copy?

This is worth considering. You see, your competitors can copy your technology, your marketing, your strategy, your pricing and even try and steel your staff (maybe they are already doing some or all of these things).

There is one thing that your competitors can’t copy…

They can’t copy the passion and engagement of your team. They can’t just copy;

  • A dedicated team who goes the extra mile every day
  • A passionate team who betters their best each day
  • A team whose minds are galvanised to a central theme of success
  • A team who thinks and uses ingenuity to continuously improve
  • A team who can meet the challenge of change head on and build a better company

You know the type of team that I am talking about don’t you! This team out competes, out performs and out classes the competition. It takes purpose, commitment and great leadership skill to form and build a team like this.

I Can Help You Build a Champion Team
That Delivers Profitable Results Every Week!

Give me 50 minutes in front of you and your team and I’ll give you 12 priceless insights into beating procrastination and being more productive than ever.

This is a FREE presentation that showcases exactly how good my approach is. Here’s what one other successful Business Owner said about this presentation…

“We had the privilege of having James present to our sales team on the topic of Procrastination and how to have your best year ever. The team loved the quality and dynamism of the presentation, he is articulate, intelligent and has a great capacity to maintain the teams’ attention.

As a caffeine like shot for a quick energy boost for any sales team James is a double espresso, but the real value we got was the ongoing implementation of his recommended processes.

If you are looking for a professional, powerful and on point presenter, James is as good as we have had.”

Martin Millard

Principal, Harcourts Solutions - No 1 Office Australia 2015

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “success begins at home”. Well it applies to business too. Morale, engagement and productivity are as important to business success as strategy, assets and cashflow.

Let me spend 50 minutes with you showing you how you can have your best year ever in business. I’ll give you fast acting, results based advice that you can use straight away;

  • The Cycle of Failure that most people fall into and how you can avoid it
  • The 4 steps to beat procrastination and get more done than ever before
  • How to use your mind to accelerate your results
  • How to break through the glass ceiling to new goals and positive outcomes
  • How to develop a simple action plan for achieving more than ever before
  • How to eliminate mental barriers that stand between you and your goals
  • THis is one of the best team building activities you can do in Brisbane

Give Me Just 50 Minutes and I Guarantee to Show Your Team How To
Beat Procrastination and be More Productive and Profitable Than Ever Before!

And It Won’t Cost You a Single Cent …It’s Absolutely FREE, With No Obligation!

My presentation is titled “How to Have the Best Year of Your Life!” What I’ll show you can be used immediately. In fact, you can expect to see improvement after this free presentation alone!

If I can capture your imagination from my FREE presentation, let’s talk about doing business. If not, then let’s say C’est la vie! All I need is a place to stand and a whiteboard to write on. Simple.

Let me know what date and time in the next fortnight suites you best. I am not leaving this free offer open too long, so book in quickly.

I’m looking forward to sharing some crucial productivity and performance information with you soon.

Kind Regards

James McNamara

P.S.      After this presentation, one business owner was moved to tell his sales team that they could easily increase their take home commissions by $30,000 by applying the advice I offered. You are guaranteed to gain terrific information from this FREE presentation. Book your on-site presentation today – james@jamesmcnamara.com.au, 0408 762 584. Be quick as this FREE offer won’t be open long.

Book Your FREE Session Now. Don’t Risk Missing Out.

Book Your FREE Session Now. Don’t Risk Missing Out.

* indicates required

Note: “How to Have Your Best Year Ever”, the “Results Program” and “Total Focus” are delivered under licence from YB12 Coach. www.b12coach.com.

More Praise For James McNamara’s Work

“All managers and supervisors should do this course. If you get these skills right, the rest is easy.” M. Kerl, Qld Transport.
“The most beneficial training I have done in the past 10 years. Perfectly related to my current situation.” Scott Gettings, Manager, Worldwide Printing.
The Tatts Group has trained a number of its middle managers in Managing Difficult Behaviour and Complex Problem Solving. Both these workshops were very well received and the feedback includes;
“Very informative and valuable. Allows you to see some of your strengths and weaknesses. Gives you guidelines on how to manage difficult behaviour.” Andrew Jackson.
“The program content was very effective. Content flow was spot on. James is an amazing presenter!”
“A great way of exploring new and innovative ways to solve problems and conduct work activities.” Donna Fichera, Workplace Development Manager.
James McNamara has been a highly rated presenter within the QPS’s Senior Leader Induction Course as well as the innovative Leadership Short Shot’s series. The feedback included;
“Fantastic presentation! A must for leaders! Exceeded expectations! Great for any leader in any organisation!” Debra Campbell, Qld Police.
“Excellent presentation. James is an excellent presenter with a wealth of knowledge.” Course Participant.
“Very good facilitator. Exceptionally good at getting people involved.” Senior Leader Induction Course participant.
The Peak Partnership is premier accounting practice on Brisbane’s south side. James delivered a communication skills session titled “Understanding The Patterns of People” for the whole team. Here’s what the attendees had to say;
“Best hour of professional development in a long time!” Marissa.
“I would highly recommend this for everyone. It should be in the school / education system so that people learn about these issues early in life.” John Eales, Director.
“All too often I attend presentations that are either very informative with little or no entertainment or motivational content, or very entertaining with little educational value. James somehow manages to combine both of these important ingredients in just the right proportions. The feedback received from his presentation to my team was overwhelmingly positive. Not an easy task when you consider the audience was a group of accountants!!!” Sally Portly, Director.
The Impact factory has provided a variety of leadership workshop to Qld Fire and Rescue Service over many years. Here’s what the Assistant Commissioner has to say;
“I would encourage managers to attend no matter what your level to gain an insight into some valuable tools to assist you in doing your job effectively.”
“I found James to be a very good facilitator who utilized appropriate examples for the group to develop discussion and guide the group in solutions and activities to deal with people in a dynamic environment. Well done!” Wayne Weston, Assistant Commissioner, QFRS.

Book Your FREE Session Now. Don’t Risk Missing Out.

Book Your FREE Session Now. Don’t Risk Missing Out.

* indicates required

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An Important Business Lesson from the Sheraton Hotel https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/an-important-business-lesson-from-the-sheraton-hotel/ https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/an-important-business-lesson-from-the-sheraton-hotel/#respond Sun, 19 Mar 2017 12:18:13 +0000 https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/?p=1574 What I’m about to tell you is a true story concerning the Founder of Sheraton Hotels, Ernest Henderson. It’s all about how one good idea can change your business and your life.

One day Ernest drove all day to attend a business presentation. It was attended by owners of small businesses, just like you. Interestingly, no one from the big end of town was going to be there. Even so, Ernest drove many hours to attend.

When was asked why did he, the President of a company employing 20,000 people, drive all day to go to this presentation, he said…

“The subject was an important one, and if you can get one good idea,
wherever you find it, it can change your life.”

Think about that for a moment… what’s one good profit-boosting idea worth to your business? What’s it worth to your life?

With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to a special presentation on a very important subject…

“How to Make 2017 Your Best Year in Business Ever!”

If one good idea can change your life, then you’ll love this presentation. I’ll be covering 15 performance and profit-boosting strategies. You’re guaranteed to walk away with at least one good idea to put more profit in your pocket this year!

Best of all, tickets are FREE for local businesses owners like you. You can reserve a ticket for you and your business partner here.

I hope to see you in the room.

Oh, one more thing, bring plenty of business cards. There will be lots of other switched on business owners there too.

Click here to reserve your FREE tickets now.

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Sales Training Brisbane – Testimonials https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/sales-training-brisbane-testimonials/ https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/sales-training-brisbane-testimonials/#respond Sun, 12 Mar 2017 12:04:52 +0000 https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/?p=1116 Participants really enjoy James’ practical approach to sales training in Brisbane. Play the video to see what Brisbane Business Owners have to say.

Contact James McNamara directly on +61 408 762 584.


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Leadership Training Brisbane – The Engaging Leader Part 1 https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/leadership-training-brisbane-the-engaging-leader-part-1/ https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/leadership-training-brisbane-the-engaging-leader-part-1/#respond Sun, 12 Mar 2017 11:52:57 +0000 https://jamesmcnamara.com.au/?p=1273 James McNamara introduces “The Engaging Leader – Notes From The Field”. Click play to listen. Fill transcription included below…

Transcription of James McNamara’s Audio Recording

I’ve just been in the office reflecting on the last decade or so of my experience in leadership development and employee engagement. I just couldn’t resist sharing a few thoughts and ideas…

Firstly, if you consider the statistics on employee engagement, they’re terrible. Even worse, they’re not getting much better. Just take a look at the graph below.

You can see that, for Australia and New Zealand, employee non-engagement or active disengagement accounts for 76% of the workforce. And for my colleagues in North America and in Europe, the figures there are not much different.

WARNING: this doesn’t bode very well for embracing the consistent and accelerating rate of change facing organisations today, let alone what coming in the very near future.

Now, there are a lot of factors that are attributed to employee engagement. Even so, the research has shown that there is one enabler, above all else, that improves employee engagement. It is the direct line supervisor. For front line workers, that’s the team leader. For the team leaders, it’s the middle manager. For middle managers, it’s the executive. The importance of improving communication, influence, and leadership skills across the breadth of your organisation is absolutely paramount! It is more important now than ever before too.

I’m inviting you to come with me on a little journey with me. It’s a journey that I’ve called The Engaging Leader: Notes from the field. You see, I’ve worked with managers for well over a decade now, hundreds of them and I’ve steadily unpacked the leadership challenges that beset managers at work. There is a pattern. A pattern of chinks in the management armour. Fixing these releases new and powerful results.

I’m going to share these insights in my upcoming blog posts.

Firstly, I’m going to talk to you about the importance of speaking the language of why. It’s just so important that managers at all levels, not just the senior executive, develop their capability to talk with the team members about the direction that the organisation is heading in. They need to be able to paint a picture of what the organisation will look like in the future (when we have ‘succeeded forward’ together). It is also paramount that all managers can talk to team members about how we behave on that journey.

In the second post, I’m going to talk to you about a very powerful ingredient to successful leadership. An ingredient that’s as important to leadership as seasoning is to a delicious soup. I’ll be sharing a fabulous analogy about this and some very contemporary research that I’m sure you’ll be interested in.

In the third post, I’ll cover the idea that one size does not fit all. After all, if all you have in your toolbox is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. I’ll be talking about how to improve a leader’s to enable them to have more than one approach, depending on what the circumstance demands.

In the final post in this short series, I’m going to talk about understanding the patterns of people. Our leaders need to be able to understand how to work with, communicate with, build rapport with and influence all of the different (and difficult) personalities that they encounter at work. This is the key to effectively influencing change in thinking and behaviour that leads to new and improve results.

I’m looking forward to sharing these insights with you and inspiring your own leadership thinking.

Until next time, make a positive difference!

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