“James has this uncanny way of tailoring his presentations to totally tap into where you are at in your own workplace.”
~Jenny Excell, Metropolis Inc.

James is an influential communicator. He has a special ability to uplift people and inspire them to be their best. He is able to do this from the public stage, one-on-one or thought his written pieces.

He has the strategic vision and courage to try new things.

  • Currently, James fulfills these leadership positions;
  • Owner of his own speaking and coaching business
  • Founder of a global group of business advisors – Quantum Leap Business Advisors
  • Volunteering as Chairman of local sporting groups representative season
  • James is also married with three children
  • Previously, James has volunteered as a Director of the Board for a local community Bank.

People describe James’ leadership style as fresh and creative while remaining practical. Some even say he offers the best leadership training in Brisbane.

James believes that the quality of your leaders is one of the best competitive advantages you can have. Quality leadership enables these transformations in your business:

  • From low employee engagement to a committed team going the extra mile
  • From unprofitable performance to a business with an enviable net profit margin
  • From poor performance/conduct to a team who takes pride in their work

An open letter to business owners and CEO's…

Here’s Why Leadership is The Antidote for
Your Most Pressing Business Problems

Dear CEO, Business Owner or Manager,

Leadership is the antidote for most business ailments. Effective leaders dotted throughout your business is the best way to leverage your entire payroll.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have this leverage. A study conducted by Deloitte Global Human Capital showed that…

…78% of businesses are worried about developing their
leadership capability across all levels – from team leader to executive.

On the flip side, only 8% of companies are happy with the leadership development solutions they have in place.

This means that the challenge of developing strong and dependable leadership remains unsolved for the majority of businesses.

This is a big problem!

Unless good leadership permeates all corners of your business, the future is bleak. Exponential change is here to stay… forever!

Leadership is your last (and best) line of defence.

Here’s why I am so certain of this…

For over 20 years I’ve been delivering leadership training in Brisbane and across Australia. I’ve taught leaders the skills and strategies needed to increase both productivity and profitability.

I’d like to share some of these practical solutions with you for FREE.

But first, take a quick look at what others have said about my leadership development courses.

Continued below…

“Fantastic presentation! A must for leaders! Exceeded expectations! Great for any leader in any organisation!”

Debra Campbell, Qld Police Service

“All managers and supervisors should do this course. If you get these skills right, the rest is easy.”

Mark Kerl, Old Transport

“James has this uncanny way of tailoring his presentations to totally tap into where you are at in your own workplace… I really got a lot of relevant information that I can use not only in work situations, but in general life. Just do it!

Jenny Exell, Metropolic Inc.

The Leadership Capability Present Across ALL Levels of Your Organisation is What Separates You from the Competitive Pack.

Leadership is Now Your Most Potent Competitive Advantage.

Here’s how I can help turn your managers and supervisors into engaging leaders who achieve even more profitable results for you. I teach the skills and strategies that managers need in order to;

I'd like to give you free access to some of the best leadership training in Brisbane.  This training is jam-packed with powerful leadership insights, including;

  • How to build a culture of performance and accountability
  • How to get results with different personalities and styles of people
  • How to effectively influence behavior and bring everybody onto the same page
  • How to have the crucial conversations when needed relating to performance, results and conduct
  • How to build trust
  • How to broaden your leadership style
  • And much more…

I’m sure that you and your entire team will be delighted with this free presentation. Simply call me directly on +61 408 762 584 or via email james@jamesmcnamara.com.au to secure a date and time.

You’ll be delighted just like Ellie was…

“I feel empowered to go back to my team and get the ball
rolling to work better as a team.”
Ellie Marafioti, Manager.

Don’t miss out on your booking.  Your team will love it! (I only allocated a few of these free presentations each month, so book yours today.)

I’m looking forward to the opportunity of educating and inspiring your leaders to achieve new and improved results.


Kind Regards

James McNamara


You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain
From this FREE Leadership Training at Your Office


This dynamic presentation has inspired leaders of all types. Here’s how it works;

  • The presentation is free in Metro Brisbane, no strings attached.
  • It has been designed to fit neatly into a 1-hour team meeting.
  • It is a highly informative and compelling presentation.
  • People take away action points that they can act on immediately.
  • This presentation is suitable for ALL of your people who supervise others.
  • There is no impost on your business whatsoever.
  • Call or email James directly +61 408 762 584 or james@jamesmcnamara.com.au