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Leadership Training, Sales Training and Business Coaching

A Great Deal Has Happened in Brisbane in the Last 8000 Days

The first time I had a person say to me “thank you for your help and advice, it has made a big difference to my business”, I was hooked. Wow! What a tremendous sense of worthwhile contribution. That was way back when I first started as a business consultant in Brisbane.
Since that time, I have been fortunate enough to work with some terrific clients in Brisbane and further afield. Typically, my assignments have centred around leadership training, sales training and business coaching.

Business Coaching Brisbane

The terms business coach Brisbane and business consultant Brisbane are often used inter changeably. Though there are differences between a coaching and a consulting methodology, most people think of a business coach or business consultant as someone who...

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Sales Training Brisbane

Think about it. Selling is leadership. Sales people are required to lead the prospect/customer from a place of need to a place of fulfilment – from problem/pain to delight/pleasure. When I deliver sales training, I like to help people to understand the...

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Leadership Training Brisbane

I’ve worked very hard to inspire leaders to create willing followers. I’m know for my energetic approach to leadership education and the practical nature of the tactics and strategies that I teach. There is so much work to be done in organisations in...

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