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The quality of your leaders determines your results.

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Take the lead in your business. More profit, less stress.

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Lead your clients to a positive buying decision in your favour!

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The art of communication is the language of leadership.

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Plans are nothing, but planning is everything!

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Take the Lead!

Leadership is the antidote for all of your business challenges. Growth, performance, morale and engagement all depend on quality leadership.

It is essential for organisations to broaden their view of leadership beyond team leadership. Leadership tactics need to be carefully crafted across multiple organisational layers including self, strategy, team, and client.

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Leadership Training

Turning Managers into Great Leaders

Every organisation’s success is inextricably tied to the quality of its leaders – at all levels!

Communication Training

Good communication improves everything!

Discover the knowledge, skills and attitudes to transform communication.

Business Coaching

Take your business to the lead

Put more profit in your pocket, without increasing unnecessary stress.

Webinars and Online Training

Training anywhere, anytime!

Powerful live webinars tailored to your needs. Practical online training. 

Sales Training

Forget selling, start leading!

Practical, field-tested strategies to improve all aspects of the sales process.

Planning Facilitation

Plans are nothing, planning is everything

Strategic and operational planning facilitation for organisations and teams.


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Leadership and Sales Training for TWW

Leadership and Sales Training for TWW

In 'Full Flight' at the Totally Work Wear Qld State Conference I had a great day with the TWW crew – great people! There was some serious capability in the room with a number of multi-unit Franchisees in attendance. They were a good fun bunch too. My presentation...

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Build a Brick Wall Around Your A-Grade Clients

Client Leadership Strategies The Brick WallIn this article, I’m going to take a little deeper dive into one strategy associated with Leadership Domain #4 - Client Leadership. You’ll remember from the 7 Leadership Domains Essay (get a copy here) that I mentioned four...

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