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Best Year Ever In Business!

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This dynamic and motivational Keynote Presentation is like switching on a light. You can use these practical insights to accomplish better results immediately! Just imagine if you (and your team) were able to beat procrastination, meet the challenge of change and be empowered to win! If this were true your business would out think, out work and out class the competition. The result – more customers, better productivity, more profit and your best year ever in business!

James McNamara

Professional Business Advisor

5 Reasons Why You Will Benefit From This Powerful Message About Beating Procrastination and Multiplying Your Profits

1. You can expect your performance to increase as a result of this session. Many have experienced this.
2. Learn the 4 steps to beating procrastination and getting more done than ever before.
3. Understand how to put the Profit Multiplier Effect to work in your business.
4. See a step-by-step plan for improving your profits and reducing your time stress in business.
5. Turn individual ‘potential’ into potent, profitable action!

Here’s What Business People Say…

“Excitement, focus, determination! Today in this moment I felt more determined to focus and achieve a brighter future.”
Jennifer Williams, Business Owner.

“Just what the doctor ordered. I was looking for someone / something to change what I had been doing.”
Liza McKilliam, Remax Profile.

“The last email that James wrote for me resulted in $247,000 worth of new opportunities into my sales pipeline… Wow! Another recent strategy James helped me with saw a 100% initial response rate from target Business Owners, a 93% conversion into appointment and over $146,000 in closed business to date with $220,000 remaining the pipeline!”
Greg Eicke, Phone Systems Brisbane.

Practical Insights Into Why People Fail And How You Can Be 100% Certain To Hit Your Goals This Year… Guaranteed!

There are 4 specific reasons why people procrastinate. You’ll discover what these are along with the formula for getting done what has to be done at work and at home.

This is not an ‘airy fairy’ message in any way! Instead, this is a pragmatic, structured and to-the-point system for taking more action and getting things done in life. You’ll learn how to take action without stress or other common pitfalls that cause people to fail.

Best of all, you’ll learn the 5 best ways to put the Profit Multiplier Effect to work in your business.

This will be the best 50 minutes you have ever spent discovering the secrets to beating the failure cycle, overcoming procrastination, focusing your thinking and empowering yourself to win this year!

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how to have the best year of your life!

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