A Smash Hit 1-Day Leadership Training Workshop!

1-Day Leadership Training in Brisbane

When it comes to leadership training in Brisbane, The Engaging Leader full-day workshop is always well received by senior managers. The day is highly practical and begins with participants identifying the top leadership challenges they are facing in their workplace right now. The rest of the day is spent working through proven leadership skills and strategies that can help the managers to return to work and successfully address their individual leadership challenges.


5 Pillars of Leadership Training Success

The content of the workshop centres around 5 main pillars. These are;

Understanding the patterns of people.

This is based on the DISC behavioural profile and teaches participants how to develop an awareness of the behavioural style of others. The idea is that participants learn to adjust their communication approach to better match with the individual they are leading. Discussions also cover how to use this knowledge in a group setting.

Speaking the language of why.

Technically competent people are usually very good at explaining how to do something. A leader also needs to explain why we are doing it and why it is to be done in a certain way. I will provide some example here of putting tasks into the context of the Company’s vision and values.

Listening skills.

This covers the influence-power of listening. The key skill is active listening. There will be a small group exercise used in this section. The exercise uses five groups of three participants.ng.

Assertiveness skills.

Leaders need to be assertive. A-type personalities can tend more towards the aggressive end of the spectrum. This section defines assertiveness and teaches the important micro-communication skills related to assertiveness. I’ll take an example(s) from the room and work up an effective assertive response on the whiteboard. Participants find this very useful.

Situational Leadership.

I have completed Masters’ training in Situational Leadership via the Centre for Leadership Studies in the USA. This section shows the participant’s how to vary their leadership style based on the needs of the individual follower. Situational Leadership is an easy to understand model. Participants are able to identify opportunities to improve their leadership outcomes by implementing Situational Leadership. Participants gain useful insights from this section.

1-Day Leadership Training Feedback

Participants are delighted with this workshop, here is a typical set of feedback on this approach to leadership training.


How would you rate the session overall?94%
How would you rate the presenter’s style?97%
How would you rate the relevance to you?94%
How would you rate the relevance to your organisation?95%
How would you rate the tools and techniques taught in the session?94%
How practical/useable did you find the session content?97%
Overall an Average across all rating scales95%

“Highly recommended. Fun, practical. Practical tool kit. Very enjoyable James. Much appreciated.”

Keith Thompson.

“Content is highly relevant. However, the way in which was delivered sets this experience aside as a must-attend for all management.”

Peter Emslie.

“A fantastic opportunity to learn new mechanisms. I was worried it would be death by powerpoint, luckily it was engaging and interactive.”

Mike Wilson.

“An interactive and instructive day. Providing valuable lessons in developing your personal leadership style.”

Ashley Liddelow.

“Take heaps of notes. It almost felt that the workshop was built around my needs.”


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