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James’ Story

James McNamara is an expert leadership trainer with a creative flair, that is steeped in real-world experience. James has had more than 23 years of experience in helping managers, business owners, and salespeople to “solve the people puzzle” and grow their businesses.

About James McNamara

A specialist leadership and sales training, business coach, and keynote presenter.

Way back, I started in business quite early. I can joke now when I look back – I started with no customers, no capital and no idea!
I worked to my strengths in communication and focused on developing my sales skills and results early. This worked well for me. I had some great early wins in my first businesses. As a result, I began to get asked to come and speak to business groups about what I was doing in sales and marketing and team performance.

From there, owners began to ask me to advise them in their own businesses and managers to advise on ledership development in corporate organisations. And that is where I found my passion. Helping people to achieve their goals and being a small but important part of their journey. What a way to make a living. What a business concept! I was hooked, I’d found my purpose in business.

When I boiled it all down, the one thing I was doing in common with all clients – small business or corporate – was to help them lead better. From there, I coined the phrase “leadership is the antidote for ALL of your business problems.”

Whether it is leading yourself, developing a leading business strategy, leading a team or leading clients, the last 25 years has given me a wealth of powerful and practical insights.


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With over two decades of experience, James is in an ideal position to coach managers, salespeople and business owners to breakthrough results!



James is an entertaining, thought-provoking facilitator. He regularly receives 90%+ positive feedback from participants.



James is a dynamic and motivational keynote presenter. He is able to inject energy and fresh ideas to any conference.

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