Brisbane business coach releases new chatbot ordering system for restaurants

As a Brisbane Business Coach, I am very excited to release the Restaurant Chatbot Ordering System with Chatbot expert Mike Hilsdon from The Chatbot Agency.

This is a seamless marketing and online ordering system for takeaway meals. It works inside Facebook Messenger. Best of all, restaurants can be up and running in 24 hours!
As a small business coach in Brisbane, I know how important daily cash flow is to business. This system allows restaurants and cafes to produce cash flow by serving takeaway meals. After all, even with social distancing in place, people still have to eat!

You can play with the technology here —   (it is best to open this link on your mobile and it will launch in Facebook Messenger.)

Restaurant and cafe owners can now put themselves in the box seat to increase their revenue from takeaway orders. This powerful system works seamlessly inside Facebook Messenger. This means that you can exploit the power of Facebook’s of laser targeted advertising.  This is a true winner for small business. It is a marketing and eCommerce ordering platform all in one.

Business owners can literally target right down to a suburb level. This allows them to enhance their customer base from people who live within walking distance of their business. With social distancing restrictions in place, kerb-side pick up from customers who live within a 2km radius of a local restaurant makes total sense. Kerbside pick-up gives the customer a chance for a stroll at the end of their day. It allows the restaurant to avoid the 30% charge from the bigger delivery services. Overall, everyone wins. The customer is happy to stay and buy local. The restaurant owner is building their customer bases and putting more profit in their pocket along the way.

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