Brisbane Business Coach and Chatbot Expert Produce Exceptional Value Small Business Education Program

Brisbane Business Coach, James McNamara and Chatbot Agency Founder, Mike Hillsdon, have teamed up to create The Sales Advantage education program for small business.

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The program was developed to support small business owners who want to use this time at home to update and upgrade their sales and marketing strategies.

James McNamara says that while some businesses are doing it extremely tough, others are able to utilise their work from home time to prepare for when the sun is shining again. And it will shine again.”


7 Business Coaching Areas Covered in the Program

The program covers some essential strategies for small business owners, including:

  1. How you can easily, and cost-effectively use Facebook Messenger to attract and qualify leads for their business.
  2. How to personally qualify prospects to weed out the price shoppers and tyre kickers
  3. The best way to run a sales meeting to identify the real reasons why a prospect will buy (or not)
  4. How to craft a winning proposal and present it to the prospect
  5. A sure-fire way to avoid being ‘shopped around town” once you hand over your proposal
  6. How to nurture customer relationships
  7. Why you should build a brick wall around your existing customers so that they stay and grow in value to your business.
  8. And much, much more.

We wanted to provide an end-to-end package for business owners who are re-evaluating their sales and marketing right now. Therefore, we started with lead generation, then to qualifying and converting, and then onto nurturing and building a brick wall around your customers!

Generating leads is expensive. If people can reduce these costs via Facebook and Facebook messenger, then that means a lot to a small business owner. The great thing about Facebook Messenger marketing is that you build a list of targeted people. No opt-in forms required.

Brisbane Business Coach provides a balanced view of business growth

We also wanted to provide a balanced view. Sometimes people can focus solely on lead generation at the expense of other profit-building strategies in their business. One such strategy is improving the conversion rate from enquiry to sale. Small percentage improvements in conversion rate can yield excellent profit improvements.

It is important that businesses look at their sales process and how they fully identify the needs of the client. This process not only separates you from the competitive pack, but it gives you all of the information you need to craft a winning offer.

Moving on from this, customer retention and the development of the customer account are tremendously important in B2B relationships. It costs up to 15 times as much to go out and identify, qualify, and sell to a new prospect as it does to sell to an existing customer. In the program we cover the strategies of building relationships and how to progress a customer from starting out being focused on price, to be more service orientated and ultimately to desire a partnering style relationship with you.

The final part of the course looks at strategies to build an impenetrable brick wall around your customers. This stops the competitor’s dead in their tracks. It also stops the customer from’ wandering off’. Best of all, it helps you to maximise the revenue from that customer because you know them so well and are fulfilling all of their needs related to your product or service.

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