James McNamara – Business Coach Brisbane

If you’re reading this article you’re probably looking for a business coach in Brisbane. You may also be trying to solve these three big problems experienced by business owners;

  • You want to increase your business profits
  • You are struggling to find the time to expand and grow your business, let alone time with family and friends
  • You want to find out how you can productivity and dedication from your team

If you can relate to these three big problems, then you are not alone. Many business owners experience these exact same pain points.

The good news is that these problems can be fixed…

Broadly speaking, there are only four ways to grow your business and profits. These are;

  • Secure more of your ideal type of clients
  • Get those clients to spend more with you each time
  • Get those clients to come back more often
  • Systematically improve productivity and efficiencies across your business

While there seems to be endless ‘well-meaning’ advice out there for you on what to do to improve your business — you need a clear and focused plan for profitability increase. These four areas are an ideal place to start.

Is there a catch?

Yes, there is…

You need to be ready to make some changes. Changes in the way you lead and direct the business as well as changes to the way your team operate the business.

What sort of changes? Only 3…

  • Some things that you are doing now will need to stop
  • Some things that you are doing now will need to be done differently
  • You will need to start doing some things that you are not currently doing.

The focus of this change is to secure more A-Grade clients, get them to spend more and to spend more often and improve the operating efficiencies of your business.

This can all be done in a step-by-step process, that doesn’t leave you ‘in over your head’. You can make those changes as fast as you like, or you can go a bit slower. The key success factor is to make progress each week in bringing about the changes you need in your business.

Your leadership matters most in bringing about sustainable change in your business. If you enrol your team in the improvement initiative and get their full buy-in, you can expect the improvements to come easily and quickly. Without team buy-in, you may be the only person pulling on the rope!

An experienced business coach can help you with setting down a practical business growth plan. Then they can help you with the implementation of this plan. You need more than new marketing ideas (this is what a lot of business coaches focus on). You need to attract, acquire and keep your ideal client. You also need to be as effective and efficient in your business operations as you can.

Think of a bucket that has holes in the bottom of it, if you pour water in the top, it just runs out the bottom. Similarly, if you bring new customers in but cannot deliver the services profitably, your profit will just drain away on you.

Business Consultants Brisbane

What about using a business consultant?
People often use the terms coach and consultant interchangeably. By way of definition, a consultant usually analyses the business problem and documents recommendations for a solution. Traditionally the consultant won’t be involved in the implementation of the solution.

If you’re like most small business owners who are looking for help, you want advice and implementation support.

It is best to have a coach help you to build a plan to transform your business to produce the profit that you want. You also want that same coach to work with you on the implementation. Fortnightly or weekly contact is best. This contact doesn’t have to be face-to-face. Phone or online coaching is equally valid.

Business Mentor Brisbane

Another term often substituted for a business coach is a business mentor. Traditionally a mentor is a confidant who has experience and wisdom in the areas that challenge you. People access a Mentor on an as-needed basis and treat them more as a sounding board and a source of guidance.

A mentoring relationship tends to have less structure than a coaching relationship. Once again, if you are looking for timely and measurable results, it is best that you align with a business coach.
Business in Brisbane
The business scene in Brisbane is positive. Brisbane is a great city to do business in. Some of the key economic facts for the city of Brisbane include;

IndustryPercentage share of small businesses
Professional, scientific and technical services17%
Rental, hiring and real estate services13%
Financial and insurance services12%
Health care and social assistance8%
Transport, postal and warehousing8%
Retail trade5%
Administrative and support services4%
Accommodation and food services4%
Others services4%
All other industries13%

Source: Brisbane City Council Economic Development (https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/about-council/governance-and-strategy/business-in-brisbane/growing-brisbanes-economy/brisbanes-key-economic-facts)

Conclusion to Business Coach Brisbane

Growing your business profits will be rewarding in many, many ways. You’ll reap the benefits while you own the business, but you’ll also be rewarded when it comes time to sell your business.