The terms business coach Brisbane and business consultant Brisbane are often used inter changeably. Though there are differences between a coaching and a consulting methodology, most people think of a business coach or business consultant as someone who can help them and their business. Having worked with many business owners over the years, it is clear that business owners are typically looking for more profit and for a way to work less hard. If a business owner can make more money from the same turnover while working less hours, then, for many, that is the ideal scenario.
It has taken many years of field experience (in my own businesses and with clients) along with continued self-study to get this far. I am extremely confident that I have mastered the strategies and tactics needed to help supervisors and managers to lead better; to help sales people sell better; and to help business owners create a better return and lifestyle for themselves in business.
If you’d like to discuss your needs for leadership training, sales training or business coaching in Brisbane, then call me directly on 0408 762 584.