Free leadership Training in Brisbane – Proven Tips

How do you know if the training you signed up for is going to deliver on its promise? It can be a minefield as more and more self-titled experts flood the market. Get free leadership Training in Brisbane from the best coach of Australia. 

When it comes to a quality learning and development outcome, flashy websites, glossy brochures and wordy proposals still can’t show you what the finished product is going to be like. Basically, you are “buying the invisible”. Unless you see what you are getting, you are flying blind.

It’s a bold move, but I am now offering leadership training in Brisbane for free.

As I expected, this is being met with a positive response from both private and public sector managers. Without seeing a sample of the final product, training decision makers find it very hard to make a choice that they can depend on. My remedy is a genuine ‘try-before-you-buy offer’.

Proven & Effective -Free leadership Training in Brisbane

This is your opportunity exactly what you are buying before you make the final commitment. You’ll see a snippet of the material I present. You’ll experience my training style and get to see how your specific team responds to the message. This is the best way to be fully informed before investing time and money into a leadership development solution.

After working with leaders for many years I’ve identified a handful of common skill deficiencies that keep surfacing again and again. These include leading with purpose, understanding where to focus transformational effort, trust, assertive communication and more. These form the focus of my free leadership training session titled “The Engaging Leader”.

This leadership training session is available FREE for Brisbane based organisations. It is delivered on site for groups of up to 20 people. The session runs for 90 minutes.

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