From Fear to Nuclear

Fear to Nuclear

Go From Fear of Public Speaking
to an Explosion of Opportunity

Public speaking is a zero-cost marketing strategy that energises your
business with fresh leads and sets you apart from your competition!

Are you sick of being the best-kept secret in town? Do you want to be more widely known for how good your business is?
If so, then you’re primed to use public speaking as a way to generate more leads, make more sales and grow your business!


Public Speaking Amplifies Your Business
and Magnetises Your Offer!

Now before you say, “I’m not a professional speaker”, or “I’m too scared to speak in front of people”, hear me out…

Fear of public speaking is entirely normal. Just about everybody has it, even the pros. However, you can learn to control your anxiety and confidently use public speaking to grow your business.

Your fear will subside with the correct approach to both the task and your mindset.

For now, though, there is something even more important to you and your business success…

There’s a huge opportunity in front of you right now. You can jump right in and turn this opportunity to your advantage.

Many networking, industry and business events require a free guest speaker. A guest speaker is a central item for many of these events. These events are happening in your city on a regular (and repeating) basis. The organisers of these events are constantly looking for ‘original presentations’.

You are an original presenter!
All you have to do is craft a presentation about the key problems you solve for people. You can pepper it with stories and examples and package it as a 30-minute presentation with a compelling “How to” title. You could be the next guest speaker at your local networking event.

It can happen fast!
Since these are unpaid presentations, the quid pro quo is that the organisers usually allow you to do a tasteful promotion about your business and services at the end. And that’s how you get multiple new leads and referrals at once. This marketing strategy has great leverage.

Best of all, it’s a win-win…
…organisers need speakers at their events, and you need more people to know about your business. You being the guest speaker is a win-win!

Not only will more people know about your business, but you’ll be perceived as the local expert.

Why “the local expert”?

Because you are the one at the front of the room talking. You are showcasing the solution to common problems faced by your target customer. You will be perceived as an expert.

OK, back to the elephant in the room …the fear of public speaking.

It’s important to put fear into perspective.

Everybody gets nervous in front of a crowd. In fact, some psychologists say that the fear of public speaking is the number one human fear of all. Wow!

Much of the fear of public speaking comes from worrying about things that haven’t happened yet (and probably won’t happen). For example, it’s not a forgone conclusion that you will mess it up, or forget your lines, or be laughed off the stage. That’s actually pretty unlikely.

Worry is the misuse of our gift of creative imagination. Why would you want to imagine the worst?

Instead, start by imagining the outcome that you want. See yourself do OK at your talk, See people smiling and nodding their heads. See people giving you their business cards afterwards. See yourself doing well. There’s no need to exaggerate your imaginings, just see yourself doing a good job. That’s all you need.

The benefits are so worth the effort…

Public speaking can bring you multiple leads at once, plus many referrals. This strategy also propels you to the front of the competitive pack. Anything this good is going to be challenging. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Instead, it is fresh and evergreen. Best of all you can learn to tame your nerves and deliver a solid lead generating, reputation building presentation that builds your business!

Discover How to Tame Your Fear and
Explode Your Marketing Results
with Public Speaking!


After just one day, at the Fear to Nuclear Workshop, you’ll be ready to deliver a unique presentation about your business at a business event. Even better, you’ll know how to use that presentation to attract leads and referrals to your business.

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The workshop is jam packed with profit-boosting value including;


Practical strategies that you can use to tame your nerves and build your confidence


You’ll learn how to craft a killer title for your presentation that gets you booked and puts bums on seats!


A proven 5-part structure for preparing your presentation


A super effective “non-salesy’ method to generate leads and referrals from your talk


Rare insider tips on stagecraft and presenting confidently


You’ll get to practise little 3-minute snippets of your talk and receive professional critiquing from James McNamara


You’ll receive free templates for approaching event coordinators to secure bookings


You’ll get to rub shoulders with quality local business people in attendance, who are on the same journey as you (great networking!)


You’ll receive a comprehensive workbook and notes for your permanent reference


Online access to summary training videos of course content


A brilliant, fun, and inspiring day of learning and development

Early Bird Special Just $395 + GST

(normally $595 + GST)

The workshop will be held on October 15th, 2021, at Hogan’s Wellington Point Hotel.

Receive a generous 33% discount when you act on the Special Early Bird Price of just $395 + GST.

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