“How To Increase Your Performance and Profits in Any Economic Climate”

22 Leadership Solutions That Bring You Better Performance,
Higher Profits and Lower Stress!

After 25 years inspiring and educating people to be their best, James has developed a mountain of training and coaching solutions. They are listed below. It’s a long list, you can skip ahead by using the links below.

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Business Leadership

Develop a Business Growth Plan

Available as a Half Day Workshop

The best way to kickstart dynamic changes in your business is with a clear, concise and focused business growth plan. This can be done in as little as a half day.

Business Accelerator Coaching

Available as 1-on-1 Coaching

There are a handful of specific areas to focus on to grow your business profits. This brand of coaching guides you through a continuous improvement approach to growing the bottom line profits of your business.
The approach is practical and packed with strategies that you can implement to grow your profits. You find ways to improve the number of quality prospects that enquire to your business plus how to convert sales at a higher rate. You’ll plan out how you and your team can increase customer spend and repeat purchase. On top of that you’ll develop an action plan and implement ways to increase the engagement and productivity of your team.

Team Leadership

“I would encourage managers to attend no matter what level you are at to gain an insight into some valuable tools to assist you in doing your job effectively.”

Wayne Weston, Assistant Commissioner, Qld Fire and Rescue

There is no doubt that your team are the keys to the performance, productivity and profitability of your business. They do all the work, deal with customers and make many day-to-day decisions that affect overall company performance. The more committed, streamlined and effective your team is the better your company will do.


The key to a high performing team is leadership – at all levels in your business – you, your managers and your supervisors. Here is a selection of team leadership solutions to help your business grow…

The Complete Small Business Recruitment System

Available as: 1-on-1 Coaching

Don’t believe what people say “you can’t find good people”. Rubbish, good people are out there… but why would they work for you? The recruitment process starts with a killer job ad that attracts a quality pool of applicants. From there the Complete Small Business Recruitment System helps you recruit a first-class employee for your business.

Best of all our system will save you hours of time. You’ll be able to recruit a fabulous employee in around seven hours. The Complete Small Business Recruitment System makes recruiting a breeze.

Don’t risk it, follow a proven system and be sure that you get a great employee on board.

The Engaging Leader

Available as: Workshop, Keynote, 1-on-1 Coaching and Online

Lack of employee engagement is one of the greatest challenges facing organisations today. Low employee engagement is devastating to organisational performance and it effects large and small organisations alike. It leads to lost opportunity, poor returns and conflict.

Research into employee engagement reveals two interesting things. Firstly, more than 70% of people surveyed rate themselves as non-engaged or actively disengaged with their employer. Secondly, the immediate supervisor is seen as the one person that can have the greatest effect on employee engagement.

This presentation examines the underlying causes of employee disengagement and outlines what’s needed for you to become an engaging leader. It is based on James’s work with hundreds of managers in Australian organisations (private and public sector) over more than a decade.

Leadership Coaching

Available as: 1-on-1 Coaching

If you’ve been to leadership workshops and couldn’t find all the solutions to your leadership challenges, then leadership coaching could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Leadership coaching focuses specifically on your unique leadership challenges. This process provides you with the support, practical solutions and motivation to help you become a leader that people will follow without hesitating.

A coaching program begins by establishing a specific set of goals that you want to achieve. Each session takes you a step closer to achieving your goal through discussing progress, providing leadership education, and trouble-shooting solutions to what you are facing in the workplace.

Leadership coaching allows you to gain the knowledge and skills that you need exactly. Most importantly leadership coaching supports you with implementing effective leadership strategies. This is important because learning about leadership is one thing but implementing successful leadership strategies is another.

Implementation support allows you to make consistent progress and transform your leadership results.

How to Turn Your Staff into a Powerful
Goal Conquering Team… in Just 1 Day!

Available as: Workshop

Are you frustrated with a team that could perform far better if they could just work together? Do you see lost opportunities and relationships spoiled by poor communication, divergent agendas and a lack of trust?

Imagine if your team were all on the same page with a common purpose and group identity!

What would it mean to your results if your team knew how to work to their strengths instead of being frustrated by their differences? How much wasted time would be saved, and lost opportunities realised if open communication existed?

The Teamwork Boot Camp sets the stage for new levels of team performance in your business.

Practical Performance Management

Available as: Workshop, Keynote, 1-on-1 Coaching and Online

Effectively managing team performance presents ongoing challenges for managers and supervisors. This is particularly so when significant underperformance and unacceptable behaviour is present. Managing these issues requires advanced communication skills and close adherence to the organisations performance management policy… challenging to say the least!

Practical Performance Management is designed specifically to help you tackle the tough issues. You’ll get to focus on your three biggest performance management issues and uncover practical techniques for moving forward.

You’ll learn highly relevant leadership, influence and communication skills to help you resolve your specific performance management issues.

7 Steps To A Winning Team

Available as: Workshop, Keynote and 1-on-1 Coaching

Different dynamics come into play when individuals group together to form a team. Your ability to build and sustain a team is of paramount importance. There is a proven recipe of interrelated strategies that leads to team success. All ingredients must be present for success as they all build on each other.

Based on 11 years of experience working with leaders and their teams, this presentation introduces the teamwork philosophies and skills needed to transform a team from ‘together working’ to working together.

You’ll learn the 7 key traits of a winning team;

  1. purpose and vision
  2. solidarity
  3. trust
  4. open communication
  5. accountability
  6. results focused
  7. celebration

Understanding The Patterns of People

Available as: Workshop, Keynote, 1-on-1 Coaching and Online

Introducing a Powerful Tool That Provides Unique Insight to Leading Your Team

You’re a leader, with that comes responsibility, expectation and daily challenges… all created from dealing with people. Now you can access a proven tool to realise your ultimate leadership potential in nursing… thanks to the world’s number 1 personality profiling system.

Learn How to Pick a Person’s Personality Style and Know How to Best Influence Them
We are all different! One way of understanding how people differ is via their personality. Our personality influences how we think and ultimately how we behave. By observing the behavioural cues that another person gives out, you can generate powerful insight into how best to lead that person. What would it mean to you if you knew the following;

  • How to best motivate each person on your team
  • What is most likely to frustrates your team members so you can keep morale high
  • How to best lead and influence each person instead of being frustrated by their different (and difficult) behaviour.
  • How to best lead and influence each person instead of being frustrated by their different (and difficult) behaviour.
  • How to build high performing teams and align the right people to the right tasks

Mind Mapping And Visual Thinking

Mind Mapping And Visual Thinking

Which of these frustrations would you like to conquer forever?…

Breaking out of mind ruts to generate useable creative ideas… too much to read with too little time… remembering mountains of information and not being able to organise your thoughts into a logical flow… keeping up when taking notes in a meeting or lecture… having a mental block when writing a report or presentation.

If you want solutions to any of these situations and want get into a flow where you can create dozens of superb ideas in minutes, this flyer contains great news.

Mind Mapping is the best way to unleash your brain’s hidden potential. Whether it’s developing creative ideas, problem solving, report writing, study, planning, reading mountains of documentation, or preparing presentations – mind mapping will deliver awesome results every time.

The Leadership Cafe™

Available as: 2 hour workshop series

You’re a leader, with that comes responsibility, expectation and daily challenges… all created from dealing with people. Now you can access the tools to realise your ultimate leadership potential.

Your leadership success is dependent on getting people to willingly follow your lead. To do this you must be a master of working with different (and sometimes difficult) personalities. Leadership Cafe™ is a treasure chest of strategies and techniques to compliment and build on your existing leadership capacity.

This cutting edge information is packaged into multiple convenient 2 hour sessions designed specifically with the busy manager in mind. Each workshop contains the solutions, like pieces of a puzzle coming together, that you need to fulfil your ultimate leadership potential.

  • You’ll achieve a level of certainty as a leader that few people can imagine or begin to reach
  • The guessing game will stop and you’ll make effective leadership decisions by understanding how different people think and behave
  • You’ll be able to give meaningful feedback to superiors, colleagues and subordinates

“When we invited potential providers to present proposals for our inaugural leadership development program, we were looking for innovation. Your proposal gave us the innovation and integrated approach we were looking for (and had thought may not be available on the market). As you know the outcomes of the combined learning partners provided by you was a program reputation that had participants wondering where we had found such “gems” in the training arena”

Gail Intas – Accelerated Leadership Development Program Coordinator, QLD Rail.

“James has this uncanny way of tailoring his presentations to
totally tap into where you are at in your own workplace

Jenny Excell, Manager URSA Metropolis
Sales Leadership

Your ability to generate a consistent flow of profitable sales is one of the only differences between you struggling in business and you having a surplus of time and money and an envious lifestyle as a business owner.

If you’re frustrated by low enquiries, poor sales and nowhere near enough profits in your business then this dynamic approach to sales leadership will provide the fresh insights that you’ve been looking for.

If you believe that it’s time to replace the warn out sales model of ‘power presentations’ and ‘overcoming objections’ with a genuine approach to serving the customer’s best interests, then a sales leadership approach is right for you.

Here’s Why You Should Forget Selling and Start Leading Your Clients

Available as: Workshop, Keynote, 1-on-1 Coaching and Online

All too often people believe that selling is about ‘convincing’ the other person or ‘proving’ their point and ‘overcome objections’. This approach makes selling more of a competition than a collaboration, which often leads to a negative view of selling. If you identify with sales in this way it understandable that sales might be one of your less preferred activities. The good news is that there is a better way…

At its core selling is leadership. People in sales roles need to influence their clients’ thinking and buying behaviour. This view of sales leadership suits business owners and professionals who do not want to be associated with the negative image of ‘a pushy salesperson’

Some of the key skills for sales leadership include;

  • How to develop an identity for yourself as a leader when you are selling
  • Building rapport and overcoming customer apprehension
  • Being able to use multiple styles of questions to uncover the clients’ vision and real need
  • Being able to use a variety of influence styles depending on the person and situation
  • Being able to listen in a way that builds trust

This approach to selling replaces the warn-out sales paradigm of ‘power presentations and overcoming objections’ with one of genuine principle-based leadership.

Prospecting Your Way To Millions

Available as: Workshop, Keynote, 1-on-1 Coaching and Online

Business should be as you dreamt it to be … fun, profitable and something that you love doing!

For many business owners it doesn’t turn out this way. Instead of being fun, their business life becomes plagued with stress and money worries… not much fun!

One of the greatest challenges for many small business owners is finding prospects and making sales. If you can efficiently generate qualified prospects at any time, you will always make money. On the other hand, without a constant flow of qualified prospects, business will be tough and you’ll ride the boom bust cycle.

James McNamara has made over 31 000 prospecting calls (and counting) in his career across multiple industries in 5 states of Australia and in the USA. The principles of prospecting are the same. Prospecting can be easy for you… even enjoyable!

James explains three methods of prospecting which you can easily use every day. You’ll be motivated to pick up the phone or get on the road and call, call, call!

Selling With Style

Learn The Secrets of Selling to Each Customer’s Unique Buying Style

Available as: Workshop, Keynote, 1-on-1 Coaching and Online

Small improvements in your conversion ratio can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Just think what it would mean to your results if you converted just another two sales per week… what about 5 more?

The challenge with sales is that every customer is different. A one size approach fits all approach will not work. In this workshop you’ll learn how to effectively identify a customers’ buying style. Then you’ll learn four approaches to selling that will maximise your conversion results.

You’ll learn how to position your products or services in a way that will resonate with your customers. This leads to more sales for you and greater satisfaction for your customers.

This presentation will have you laughing and learning about yourself and all of the different (and difficult) people that you encounter each day in sales.

Increasing Your Share of Your Customer’s Wallet

Available as: 1-on-1 Coaching

In addition to seeking out new customers, your profitability depends on increasing your share of your customer’s wallet. We’ve all heard that it is many times harder to secure a new customer than it is to sell more to an existing customer.

One of the key goals of your account management activities is to increase the share you receive of each of your customer’s wallets (especially A & B customers). This means that you have to know your customers intimately and plan out with them how you can best help them to achieve their business goals.

Impact Factory has developed a practical methodology for increasing wallet share called the Uncovering Customer Gold Planning System. This system helps you to establish a clear direction and a tailored set of sales activities to bring new profits from your existing customers.

Building Your Client Leadership Funnel

Available as: 1-on-1 Coaching

Not everyone is ready to buy now. Your customers are distributed right across your sales funnel. The purpose of your marketing is to step them through the funnel. Beginning with ‘Attracting’ the right prospect for your business, you then need to ‘Connect’ with them, then get them to ‘Accept’ you as an expert solution provider. These first three steps are achieved through your marketing most often. In step four you will engage in sales with the customer so they ‘Buy’. Once they buy you want them to ‘Belong’ to your tribe so they stick around and keep buying. Not only do you want them to buy, but you also want them to ‘Ascend’ and give you a greater share of your wallet.

The Impact Factory Client Leadership Funnel is designed to help you plan your sales and marketing activities at every level of the sales funnel to achieve greater profits for your business.

The SalesJym™l

Available as: 2 hour workshop series

If you believe that it’s time to replace the warn out sales model of ‘power presentations’ and ‘overcoming objections’ with a genuine approach to serving the customer’s best interests… then these sales workshops are for you.

If you’re frustrated by low enquiries, poor sales and now where near enough profits in your business then this dynamic sales training opportunity is for you.

Your ability to generate a consistent flow of profitable sales is one of the only differences between your struggling in business and you having a surplus of time and money.

Forget the tired old myths of “you have to be a born sales person” or “you have to be able to sell ice to Eskimo’s”… rubbish! Anybody who’s motivated to succeed in business can learn the advanced communication and influence skills needed to fill their order book with profitable sales from quality clients.

If your dream is to own a business where you are well respected in your industry and make fantastic profits that afford you a sensational lifestyle… then these workshops are for you!

Sales Coaching

Available as 1-hour coaching sessions

Finally, Bite Sized Coaching Modules to Help Your Business Grow in A Way That Acknowledges Your Time and Cash Flow Challenges

This convenient coaching service has been designed to solve two problems business owners have when accessing expert advice.

Firstly, many business owners don’t have the time for a regular ongoing coaching program. Preferring instead to tackle one problem at a time in manageable bite sized chunks. Secondly then investment in more comprehensive programs can be prohibitive for many smaller businesses.

It’s not uncommon for the right small improvements in business operations to a dramatic impact on the bottom line. Here is short list of the types of bite sized coaching modules that can help you break through some of the challenges limiting your business growth and profits…

  • Sales Meetings Made Simple
  • The right ‘Buying’ Keywords to explode your website results
  • Developing a Killer Sales Letter for Your Business
  • Writing Winning Sales Proposals
  • Developing a Special Report to showcase your expertise
  • And much, much more…

These convenient coaching modules are made up of the following

  • Diagnostic questionnaire (where applicable) to help zero in on the exact problem
  • Online video and workbook material for pre-leaning
  • 1-hour strategy session via Skype or phone to consolidate your strategies to move forward
Market Leadership