Leadership Capability Framework

Getting Results from Leadership Training

Employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges facing managers today. Based on the leadership training I’ve delivered throughout Brisbane and Australia, I’ve developed a capability framework for the engaging leader. This framework was originally designed to align with the Queensland Public Sector’s Capability and Leadership Framework. The framework has applications in leadership training, especially in terms of team leader training to develop team leader skills.

This Framework is based on more than a decade of my work in running leadership training in Brisbane and leadership courses around Brisbane and Australia with managers in the public sector and other organisations. In that time, I’ve specialised in teaching leadership, team leader skills communication and influence skills to team leaders, supervisors and managers. This has enabled me to distill the key skills and strategies that help managers engage their teams better.

Employee engagement is a significant issue for organisations. Research shows that as much as 80% of our workforce is not engaged at work. This leads to significant performance issues and lost opportunities for our organisations.

The research also shows that the direct line supervisor has one of the most potent effects on engagement levels. That’s why engaging leadership training is vital for managers today.

The Engaging Leader Capability Framework outlines the key leadership behaviours that are displayed by those leaders who have engaged teams.
The framework has seven key elements, each comprising a comprehensive list of leader behaviour descriptions. These key areas help guide the development of team leader skills and they include;

  1. Lead with Purpose
  2. Build Trust
  3. Know Your People
  4. Communicate with Influence
  5. Be Proactive
  6. Build Team Performance
  7. Think Creatively

These seven areas align to the Queensland Public Sector (QPS) Capability and Leadership Framework. 

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