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In ‘Full Flight’ at the Totally Work Wear Qld State Conference

I had a great day with the TWW crew – great people! There was some serious capability in the room with a number of multi-unit Franchisees in attendance. They were a good fun bunch too.

My presentation topic was “The 7 Domains of Small Business Leadership”.

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Pre-conference Planning with
Totally Work Wear Legend, Josh Mitchel!

A number of the Franchise Owners are joining my 90 Day Leadership and Growth Challenge, starting on April 12th, 2021. This is a very exciting program that will encompass the best leadership and growth skills and strategies that I’ve learned from 25 years in the field.

Thanks to the conference coordinator, Josh Mitchell, from Totally Workwear Capalaba & Hemmant for the opportunity to work with the TWW Qld team.

I outlined by 7 Leadership Domains model during the presentation.

7 Leadership Domains Training Coaching

Most people think about leading a team when they think about the term leadership. The 7 Leadership Domains model, expands greatly upon common leadership thinking. The 7 leadership domains are – Strategy, Self, Team, Client, Plan, Action, Improve.

The model starts with strategy. If you’ve ever said “we just need to get everyone on the same page”, then ‘the strategy’ is that page! Your team needs to understand the purpose, values, vision, non-negotiable behaviours, goals and competitive advantage of the business. They also need to know how the tasks within their job make the strategy come to life.

Self-leadership is the next piece in the leadership puzzle. Important capabilities here include self-direction, self-moderation and resilience. All work and leadership endeavours are enhanced by these personal capabilities.

The next domain is the one we think of most often, team leadership. If you have a clear strategy and individuals who exhibit self-leadership, then leading a team to amazing results is the next step.

Next, we should forget selling and start leading our clients. A leadership mindset is what the modern customer wants. They want a person who can understand their desired outcomes and ‘lead’ them to the solution. They don’t want a person who presents, pitches, closes and overcomes!

So far we’ve started with strategy, then we’ve looked at the three groups of people who surround the strategy – self( the individuals), the team and the customers. Now it is time to take relentless, focused action.

Quality action starts with a plan. The art of “just doing it” can be elusive. The search for perfection can hamstring “good” action. The discipline of ‘improving’ is the ticket to taking action from good to perfect. This is a continuous improvement loop i.e., plan your action, take action, review your action to improve, continue with a better plan, take better action, review to improve some more, and so on.

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