Looking for a Business Coach?

Business Coach Brisbane

Can a Business Coach Help Your Business?

Are you looking for a business coach in Brisbane? If so, it is good to know the best ways that a business coach can help you and your business.

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Business Coach Brisbane

Times are tough right now. Small Business Owners are calling on their advisors more than ever. A small business coach holds a special place amongst advisors. These are the people that help you with the detailed strategies related to staff performance, sales increase and lead generation (among others).

Having a small business coach in Brisbane can be a dynamic, profitable and rewarding experience. Unfortunately for every success story, there are a dozen failures.


Here are a few things to consider when looking for business coaching services in Brisbane…

Firstly, is your business coach steeped in practical approaches that work for small business? Or, is your business coach a theorist? There are many who enter the small business coaching field with an MBA or years in senior executive at the big end of town, who struggle to relate to the special needs of a small business in suburban Brisbane.

Secondly, can your business coach sell?
This is essential! You need more sales …simple.
Your business coach needs to be able to school you and your people on every aspect of the sales process.

Thirdly, can your business coach help you to turn your staff into a productive and profitable team? You need to be able to delegate the work that you are currently doing to dedicated and capable team members. The idea is for you to assume a CEO style role in your business. That means that you will be working on strategies to take the business forward and not be consumed with the day-to-day.

Finally, can you work with that coach? If you don’t think you can enjoy the process of developing a business growth plan and then receiving mentoring and guidance on strategy implementation from this person, don’t proceed.

On a positive note, if the four things above fall into place, then you can enjoy a very rewarding working relationship with a business coach.


Concluding Thoughts

When you start working with a business coach, the first big hurdle that you should work on with your business coach is how to put more profit in your pocket in less time? That means that you’ll be making more money and spending less time doing the do! Then, you are ripe to scale and expand. Strategies that allow you to make more with less are essential ..e.especially in the current climate (March/April 2020).

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More Praise for How My Business Coaching in Brisbane Has Helped Businesses Like Yours to be More Profitable and Productive!


“We had the privilege of having James present to our sales team on the topic of Procrastination and how to have your best year ever. The team loved the quality and dynamism of the presentation, he is articulate, intelligent and has a great capacity to maintain the teams’ attention.
As a caffeine like shot for a quick energy boost for any sales team James is a double espresso, but the real value we got was the ongoing implementation of his recommended processes.
If you are looking for a professional, powerful and on point presenter James is as good as we have had.”

Martin Millard

Harcourts Solutions - No 1 Office Australia 2015.

“The last email that James wrote for me resulted in $247,000 worth of new opportunities into my sales pipeline… Wow! Another recent strategy James helped me with saw a 100% initial response rate from target Business Owners, a 93% conversion into appointment and over $146,000 in closed business to date with $220,000 remaining the pipeline!”

Greg Eicke

Phone Systems Brisbane.

James brought to us many ideas that we have put into practice with our sales teams. He also assisted us with our advertising and marketing to increase leads and to hire the right people for our organisation….and hiring the right people for the right positions is so incredibly important. What I have learnt from James has really helped me to grow as a manager and the company too has grown significantly from his input. I am very grateful for James and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone!
Christopher Fitch

Sales Director, Solarwise

“Sensational, concise, workable and easy to understand. Definitely a great way to enhance social and communication skills.”

Matthew Hill

Financial Manager

“The results I got from the marketing literature I purchase from James at the Impact Factory, were immediate. His material unblocked my thought process and got me writing create ads within an hour.”
Derek Morgan

CEO, HEO Software

“James is an excellent planning facilitator. So far, he has run three sessions with our bank. Each time his process and facilitation style have been excellent. He has helped our team to consolidate the future vision and develop clear strategies to get there. The team are always very motivated after James’s sessions.”
Justine Kennedy

Branch Manager Bendigo Bank Victoria Point

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