Selling From the Kitchen Table – online sales training course by Brisbane Business Coach James McNamara

I’m excited to tell you about a new online sales training course that I’ve just released.

During my time as a Brisbane Business Coach offering sales training in Brisbane, I’ve noticed something interesting. Many salespeople and business owners say, “I prefer to meet people face-to-face”, when I’m selling.

This most often comes up in a sales training conversation around the efficiency. i.e. travel time to see customers vs what can be achieved on the phone.  I often ask, what can be done over the phone? What doesn’t really need to be done face-to-face. This doesn’t mean turning a sales rep into a telemarketer. Rather, the idea is to preserve as much of the 9-5 hours as possible for actually talking with a customer rather than driving around between meetings.

With social distancing restrictions, business owners and salespeople are now working from home. Sales meetings, meet-and-greets, networking functions are all on hold for the foreseeable future.

Without the ability to ‘see’ the prospect or customer, many salespeople can struggle to feel comfortable with the sales process. As such, a number of my colleagues have recently asked me to put together a course on this very subject. SO I’ve collated some of my best mindset, strategy and skills training related to doing business on the phone. The result is my new online sales training course titled “The Sales Leader – Selling from The Kitchen Table”.


Free Online Sales Training Course by Brisbane Sales Trainer

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In this online sales training program, I cover everything from mindset, to prospecting, to sales conversion, proposal writing and customer relationship development. It’s a comprehensive program focused on what you can do as a selling business owner or salesperson working from home (the kitchen table) during Covid-19 lockdown.

It tougher to sell and lead customer relationships totally on the phone or online. The nonverbal communication cues that we are so adept at picking up are not available to us in phone and online conversations. The cues that are there are harder to recognise. People also tend to be more uncertain in interpreting these nonverbal cues on the phone.

Equally, it can be difficult for salespeople to stay motivated and enthusiastic when working from home. The face-to-face sales interaction that many salespeople thrive on has be eradicated for the short term. The office comradery (and friendly banter) is also missing to a great extent. Further to this, the subtle internal competition for results is also watered down as people are far away from results tallies, leader boards and bell ringers!


Sales Training Advice for Small Business Owners

Currently, in my Brisbane business coaching and sales training, I am advising businesses to maintain their weekly team meeting. I’ve suggested to others that they go so far as having a 10-minute round-up call at the beginning of each day. Such a call is used to (a) start the day, (b) get everyone focused on their top priority for the day, and (c) make absolutely sure that the communication lines are well and truly open.

As for sales and business development activity, it is essential that people don’t forget about their top customers. The “80/20 Rule” is playing like a broken record in my advice of late. NEVER has this been more important than now. There are a number of positive reasons to stay in good communication with your best customers. Firstly, this is how you uncover their newly formed needs. Needs that you can meet creatively with your products and services. And that is one great way to keep revenue flowing.

Secondly, and equally importantly, people tend to revaluate after they’ve had a “shock”! Covid-19 has given everybody a real big shock. Make sure that you stay close to your best customers and understand their situation and their newly forming needs in great depth. This is a great way to lock your competitors out. Rather than leave an opportunity for them to get in ‘under the radar’ and start eroding your hold on your best customers. Let’s face it, for most mature industries, the only way to grow your own new customers is to take them off somebody else. People WILL be trying to do it to you.


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