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James McNamara is able to connect with a wide range of salespeople. His sales training in Brisbane and across Australia is well regarded. James teaches that sales is leadership. He encourages salespeople to “forget selling and start leading”.


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No matter what stage of the sales process your team is struggling with, James can offer sage advice and motivate your team to action. James is experienced in educating salespeople on all areas of the sales process including prospecting, sales meetings, presenting solutions, designing proposals, building strategic relationships, managing territories with large numbers of accounts and much more.

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Sales Training with James McNamara

Henry Ford famously said, “Nothing happens until someone sells something.”

What is meant by this is that your sales team is the engine room of your business. There are multiple opportunities to improve sales in your business. Some of these improvements may include improvements in; prospecting and lead generation, appointment setting, quotes and proposals, follow-up, sales presentations, consultative selling methods, closing conversations and more.​

Imagine if you made a small 10% improvement across each of these areas in your business. No doubt you’d experience a flood of new profitable sales. I can help you do just that!​

Here’s another thing to consider – most sales performance problems are ‘recruited into your business’. You must have a robust and quality approach to attracting and selecting great salespeople for your business. This is also one of my specialities.​

Important Skills for Salespeople
There are a few areas of skill development that can help salespeople to successfully secure more sales. The skill sets that I propose to build your sales training around include;


1. Overcoming your identity crisis with sales.
Many, many salespeople say, “I don’t want to be pushy”. Sales has nothing to do with being pushy. If a salesperson sees sales as a task of pushing, proving, convincing, overcoming, etc, then it is unlikely that they will succeed. Instead, sales is best viewed as leadership – the person leads the prospect from a place of need to a place of satisfaction (even delight!). This session is about the mindset that allows a salesperson to take the lead in a sales conversation.


2. Taking the lead in the conversation with the prospect.
Leading the conversation with a prospect is a very important skill. The ability to draw the customer out and to surface the real need gives a tremendous advantage in selling. When done well this process builds credibility and trust, while dramatically improving conversion rate.


3. Qualifying and Following up.
These two skills sandwich the sales call. Qualifying sets you up to take the lead in the call, while follow-up is needed to close a large percentage of sales. As the old saying goes … the fortune is in the follow-up.


4. Understanding personalities in sales.
Each prospect and customer gives off behavioural clues that indicate their personality type. By understanding these behavioural cues, a salesperson is better able to ‘match’ their own communication style to that of the prospect. Even with phone conversations, there still are language choices and non-verbal clues (vocal tones) given off by the prospect. This has a very positive impact on sales conversion.


5. Strategically managing client account relationships.
It is fifteen times easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to identify, qualify and sell to a new customer. Salespeople tend to call on their ‘favourite’ customers. Sometimes these may not be the most important customers strategically for the business. That is where Key Account Planning comes into play. It is an essential part of the sales armoury for those companies who want to build a brick wall around their key customers to keep the competitors out!

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