Communication Skills Training – Public Speaking

About This Leadership and Communication Course

As a person progresses in their career, there is an ever more likely chance that they will need to give public presentations. Whether in sales or management, the ability to command an audience is a much sought after skill.

This communication skills training session examines many of the common mistakes made by people who are new to public speaking. If a person can avoid unnecessary pitfalls and focus on what matters most, then they are more likely to have a more successful and enjoyable experience with speaking in public.

The areas covered include preparation, presentation structure, mindset, presentation technique and stage presence.

As a self-taught and very well-respected public speaker, James is able to relate to the trials and tribulations that a new public speaker goes through. He is able to help people to utilise their own style, personality and strengths, rather than deliver a cookie-cutter template.

“James is a fantastic trainer and coach with an incredible flair for presenting information in a highly engaging manner. James recently conducted a number of training sessions via Zoom for us on the topics of Communication, Influence and Presentation Skills. The feedback was great and his presentation highly informative and engaging, especially for an online-based training session.”

Byron Gray

Executive General Manager, Australis College




On Site


2-3 HRS


Public Speaking, Communicating with Confidence

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