Leadership Training – The First Time Supervisor

About This Leadership Course

This special supervisor and team leader training course recognises that the biggest challenge for first-time supervisors. That is that the skills they used to perform at the previous level are much different to the skills they need to succeed as a supervisor or team leader.

New team leaders often struggle with a handful of common problems. These include push-back from those who were recently on the same level as the newly promoted supervisor. Another is that team leaders can struggle to let go of “doing” the work in order to supervise the work of others to make the whole team more productive. For similar reasons, delegation can be a challenge too.

This team leader and supervisor training course addresses the key changes that new supervisors need to make as they ‘step-up to leadership’. Necessarily this is a practical session, devoid of ‘management speak’. It has been crafted from two decades of helping first-time supervisors with these exact challenges.

“James knows how to connect and get the message across. So far he has facilitated 3 sessions one with our Drilling Supervisors and the other two our Functional Leadership team. His presentation material were both tailored perfectly to our scope; how to deliver bad news, and how to difficult crucial conversations and what’s our purpose. The team enjoyed his down to earth style and approachable nature. James’ facilitation helped to inspire, encourage and empower our team to achieve the difficult tasks at hand. “

Harry Mostert

General Manager - Eastern Australia I New Zealand , Boart Longyear




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Transitioning to leadership, performance management, influencing change

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