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About This Planning Facilitation

The world has had a big shakeup in 2020 (understatement). The way people do business has been forced to change. A lot of that may never change back. On top of this, in the B2B sector, there are now fewer customers since a number have gone to the wall. Equally, there are fewer competitors because some of them have ceased trading too.

It is a very good time to revamp your sales strategy. This process works equally well for a small business (e.g. Owner and a Salesperson) as it does for a small corporate business (Owner, Sales Manager and Sales Team).

This is a facilitated planning session, and it can be done in a workshop style with key participants from the business. This session will flesh out a number of important definitions that help to craft a winning sales strategy. These include (1) target audience, (2) your blue ocean (swim where the competitors are not), (3) SOT of sales operations, (4) Review of sales channels, (5) Review of product mix, (6) review of key messages used to attract customers.

This type of review and planning is best done in a few intense sessions 3-7 days apart. The end result will be a strategy review document that can be used to develop a sales plan and refine the sales process for greater success.

“James knows how to connect and get the message across. So far he has facilitated 3 sessions one with our Drilling Supervisors and the other two our Functional Leadership team. His presentation material were both tailored perfectly to our scope; how to deliver bad news, and how to difficult crucial conversations and what’s our purpose. The team enjoyed his down to earth style and approachable nature. James’ facilitation helped to inspire, encourage and empower our team to achieve the difficult tasks at hand. “

Andrew Robertson

Proprietor, Worldwide Printing




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2 X 3 HRS


Sales strategy, Sales planning, Strategic Planning

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