Sales Training – 4 Ways to Grow Sales

About This Sales Training Course

Sales growth is always a priority. In this sales training session, James outlines the Only 4 Ways to Grow Your Sales. Salespeople will achieve the best results if they work across all four areas of sales growth. This session has a distinct business-to-business sales flavour.

In practice though, the opposite usually happens. Salespeople tend to work to their current strength without pushing into the other domains. This sales training session outlines practical ‘feet-on-the-street’ methods for growing sales across four key areas of sales operation.

These are (1) increasing leads, (2) improving conversion strike rate, (3) increasing the average order value, and (4) increasing repeat purchase frequency. Participants are guided through a simple “sales maths” exercise that highlights how relatively small improvements in all four areas multiply up to create a big improvement in overall sales volume (and commission!).

James has spent many years in the field building sales territories and his own companies. What he teaches is practical and represents approaches that he has successfully used in the field. Salespeople respond best to this type of practical approach.

“My weekly net income increased by 100% in 120 days thanks to James McNamara. I did it without spending any more money on advertising. What’s more he knew nothing about the technical aspects of my industry prior to working with me!”

D. Cooke

Owner, Digitech (QLD)




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