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If there is one part of the sales process that is more important than any other, it’s the sales meeting. This is where the prospect can be properly qualified, where their unique needs, dissatisfactions and desires can be uncovered. It’s also where solutions can be ‘tested’ with the prospect.

It may take a couple of sales meetings before the time is right to ask for the business. However, if you have led the sales meeting well, then asking for the business is a natural and fruitful next step.

This sales training session looks at each stage of the sales meeting. Participants will earn why top-performing B2B salespeople spend 69% of their time gathering information and only 31% giving information. Most salespeople don’t need help with the ‘telling and explaining’ part of sales. They do however often need a lot of help with uncovering the customers real need and drawing out the pain points and their ultimate desires.

In this sales training course, participants will learn how to lead a sales meeting in a way that allows the prospect to articulate their needs. The prospect will be more trusting of the salesperson because the prospect feels understood by the salesperson. Therefore, they are more likely to trust in the solution offered by the salesperson.

Once a salesperson masters this way of leading a sales meeting, they’ll never look back!

“James knows how to connect and get the message across. So far he has facilitated 3 sessions one with our Drilling Supervisors and the other two our Functional Leadership team. His presentation material were both tailored perfectly to our scope; how to deliver bad news, and how to difficult crucial conversations and what’s our purpose. The team enjoyed his down to earth style and approachable nature. James’ facilitation helped to inspire, encourage and empower our team to achieve the difficult tasks at hand. “

Andrew Robertson

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