Strategic Planning Facilitation

About This Planning Facilitation

How often does the plan end up in the bottom drawer gathering dust? It happens a lot. This is because that type of plan is more a research document then it is a strategy and activity guide.

What most businesses need is a clear “Big Picture” and a set of focused actions to take them forward to their goals.

The most important thing to consider when preparing to do your plan is how sophisticated has your planning been in the past. If your previous planning efforts have been simple (or non-existent), then it is important not to bite off more than you can chew. It would be better to do a solid but simple plan and then review it in six months and time your planning to the next level then.

Based on consultation with the Business Owner, a planning facilitation session will be structured to include some or all of these elements (1) Big Picture, (2) Key Strategic Issues and Risks, (3) Goals, (4) Competitive Strategy, (5) Operational Review, (6) Profit Multiplier calculations, (7) Action Plan, (8) 90-Day Challenge.

“James is an excellent planning facilitator. So far he has run three sessions with our bank. Each time his process and facilitation style have been excellent. He has helped our team to consolidate the future purpose and vision and develop clear strategies to get there. The team are always very motivated after James’s sessions.”

Justine Kennedy

Branch Manager , Bendigo Bank




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3 X 3 HRS


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