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Public Speaking is a Powerful Zero-Cost Strategy
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A few days after James’ public speaking course in Brisbane, Nadia Edmonds who owns Loud digital, delivered a 30-minute presentation to a networking group. She walked away with 3 quality leads — not bad for a 30-minute marketing exercise!”

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Discover James’ Special 5-Part Formula For
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From James McNamara
Brisbane, Queensland

Dear Friend,

Hey, my name is James McNamara, and I’m here today because I want to help you promote your business and generate the quality leads that you need (and deserve).

I’d like to invite you to my public speaking course online. I know it will help you make more sales in your business.

Here’s why…

If you’ve ever thought that your business is the “best-kept secret in town”, then you’ll love marketing your business more widely with public speaking.

I’ll show you how to tame your nerves while staying true to your own authentic style. Better still, I’ll give you a simple structure for designing a talk that you can remember and deliver with passion and purpose!

Public speaking offers great marketing leverage – not only do you get leads and referrals, but you’ll also build a positive reputation for yourself and your business.

“James is an amazing teacher. He makes you feel like he only has you in the room and absolutely breaks down the process to match your business. I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to grow their business.” Deb Murphy, Mortgage Broker.

There Are Many Opportunities For You to Speak in Your City or Town

Just think about it for a minute…

How many networking groups, industry groups, franchise groups, special interest groups and conferences meet in your City?

There’s something happening just about every day – breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Most of these meetings have a guest speaker. The organisers of these events are constantly on the lookout for fresh guest speakers.

You can be one of those guest speakers!

Let me show you how…

Your Voice Deserves to be Heard. Believe in Yourself!

A short compelling presentation about the problems you solve for people is the best way to get people in the audience to approach you and ask to do business.

Your knowledge and experience can be crafted into an engaging 30-minute talk! Your hard-won know-how and the stories you have lived are gold – pure gold!

It can be you at the front of the room.

You just have to separate the gold from the gravel and structure your talk for a positive result.

You have a story that is worth telling. And finally, you can get the help you need to tell it!

“This workshop was excellent for allowing me to put a structure behind all of the ideas I had come up with over my time as a Business Broker and Valuer.” Harry Notaras. (Public speaking course participant).

Learn to Calm Your Nerves and Boost Your Memory

If you get nervous in front of an audience, that’s OK. Welcome to the human race.

Nerves are natural.

In fact, some nerves are helpful. As long as you are in control of the nerves, and not the nerves in control of you, then everything will be ok. I’ll team you how to tame your nerves.

Structure is the answer. Once you map your presentation out and put your ideas together into a coherent flow, your nerves will reduce noticeably. What’s even better, is that your memory will improve. It’s a lot easier to remember a presentation with a clear and concise structure. 

“If you find putting together a 30-minute talk to be daunting, James will tach you exactly what you need to know. Clarity and structure are now in my mind, and I know the exact way to deliver and structure my talk to get leads.” Nik Brown. (Public speaking course customer.)

During the course, I’m going to teach you my 5-Step Structure for a Powerful 30-minute Presentation. You’ll love it! By the end of the course, you’ll have your presentation all mapped out and ready to go.

Take a Look at What You Get in This Course

“If you find putting together a 30-minute talk to be a daunting task, James will teach you exactly what you need to know. Clarity and structure are now in my mind and I know the exact way to deliver and structure my talk to get leads.”

Nik Brown, Owner, Sky Jellyfish.

“Brilliant! Lots of content and presented in James McNamara’s usual inspiring style.”

Natalie Bristow, Manager, DedAnt Inspections

“I’ve been presenting off the cuff previously. Today with James we were able to nail down the structure of how to present better to get the desired outcome.”

Mike Hillsdon, Owner, The Chatbot Agency.

“As a caffeine-like shot for a quick energy boost for any sales team James is a double espresso, but the real value we got was the ongoing implementation of his recommended processes. If you are looking for a professional, powerful and on point presenter, James is as good as we have had.”

Martin Millard, Owner, Harcourts Solutions


Over 27 gold-nugget video modules to help you generate leads and make more sales with public speaking


How to distil your topic so it is powerful, professional and precise


Understand the real purpose of your presentation


Understand the 5-parts to structure your talk from start to finish. You’ll be ready to go!


You’ll learn how to start your talk powerfully and finish successfully


You’ll learn how to generate quality leads from your talk


The mindset hacks will that help you most


A workbook that you can use again and again to craft talks


Hints and tips to improve your presentation delivery


Recordings of James’ live critiques of people’s presentations – absolute gold!


Sample emails for following up your leads


How to get yourself booked! Sample flyer and email templates


How to cheaply outsource the monkey work so you can stay focused on what you do best!


BONUS: Professional Critique Voucher for James to critique your recorded presentation – more gold!

Imagine having prospects coming forward towards you!

Yes, qualified prospects inviting you to contact them to talk about your services!!

There’s a simple formula for it, that is easy to implement and has zero pressure attached to it. Zero!

Don’t wait any longer. Now is the time for you to build your business reputation and become more widely known for all of the terrific things you and your business do.

Join us now >>

I’ll see you on the inside!


Kind Regards
James McNamara
Public Speaking Trainer and Coach