Sales Courses Brisbane

I’m a great believer in hard work. I’m sure in part that stems from the fact that I spent the first 18 years of my life on a farm.

Hard work often doesn’t seem as attractive as things that are easy, simple, effortless, or instant. These four words as used as are as power words in marketing. This is a telling sign that the easy way out is very appealing indeed.

When it comes to the verbal skills of influence, persuasion and leadership (all part of the sales formula), there is no short cut unfortunately. Even the naturally confident and charismatic need to work hard to be at their best. The good news is that just like skills in sport, verbal skills in sales can be practised and improved through sales training.

In the article below, Jeff Winters make a great case for upping the ante on sales training. His four main points are;

  1. Include leaders in practice sessions. (I 100% Agree)
  2. Make practice harder than the sales training itself. (Terrific idea!)
  3. Practice the sales cycle, not just the first call. (I often encounter Salespeople who struggle with further sales calls to strengthen and develop the relationship)
  4. Have the highest performers practice, too (So true)

Here’s the full article…