Sales is an act of leadership. The salesperson leads the client from their position of need (or frustration) to a position of satisfaction (hopefully delight).

In my sales training courses, I teach salespeople and business owners how to take the lead in the sales conversation. This is not about “dominating” the conversation, rather it’s about serving the client or prospect. It’s about gaining a full understanding of that individual customer’s situation and educating them on the best way to meet their need.

In my sales training, I encourage people to set aside the warn out approaches of telling, convincing, cajoling, overcoming and to focus on diagnosing before they prescribe. Too many salespeople “show up and throw up”, which turns the customer off.

When addressing the “price shopper” complaint from salespeople and business owners, I encourage them to see it a different way. Since the customer is often not an expert in the solution or your product/service, “how much is it” can be the only half-intelligent question that they know how to ask. A prospect is certainly not going to say “I’m a complete novice and know nothing…” There is a commonly perceived risk that they will get taken advantage of.

Of course, there is a percentage of customers who truly are priced focused. If salespeople can ascertain this during their initial qualification/needs discovery phase, then they can choose to (a) offer the basic package only, or (b) refer the price shopper to their competitors 😊. Salespeople are often surprised at how much a prospective customer can open up if you lead the sales conversation with the intent of truly understanding the customer so that you can solve their problem in the best possible way.

Trust in a sales conversation is built by the salesperson via their genuine attempts to understand the customer. I teach a discover process called “The Customer’s IDEAS”. It is a genuine and gentle way to lead the conversation and find out not only the key problem for the customer but the real reasons why they will buy a solution. This makes sales easy.

In the video below you can see how well people relate to this approach to sales training…

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