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Business Coaching

Take The Lead in Your Business

James is a well respected small business coach with clients in Brisbane. His speciality is B2B (businesses who sell products and services to other businesses). James focuses on helping businesses owners take their business to the front by mastering the leadership strategies. Businesses owners who are competent at leading themselves, their strategy, their team and their clients also enjoy profitable growth and less unnecessary stress.

Business coaching begins with a tailored business growth plan that maps out the vision for the business and the strategies to get there. Ongoing coaching offers the ideas, strategies and accountability to make it happen.

  • Set down a clear plan for growth
  • Build a winning team
  • Increase repeat sales
  • Attract A-Grade clients
  • Maximise your profits
  • Minimise your stress in business

“As an experienced accountant, I have seen many different business coaches/advisors over the years. James has an outstanding strength in ‘solving the people puzzle’. Whether it is team performance, attraction marketing or converting more sales, James offer reems of practical field-tested advice.

I can highly recommend James as an advisor/trainer for small business owners.”

Robert Moore

Owner, Invigor8 Accountants

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Brisbane Business Coach

The most important thing to focus on as a business owner is leadership. Leading all aspects of your business – leading the strategy, leading your team, leading your clients and of course leading yourself to higher levels of achievement.

Being a boss isn’t just about telling the team what to do, it is about focusing the minds of everyone in the business on your strategy. Similarly, selling to customers is about leading the client from where they are now through to a place where they have their needs fulfilled.

Equally, marketing is about consolidating your business as the authority in your niche. Your marketing should establish you as the ‘go-to company’ for people who have a need that you can fulfil.

If you want to break through to new success this year, then leadership is the key for you.

“My weekly net income increased by 100% in 120 days thanks to James McNamara, and I did it without spending any more money on advertising. What’s more, he knew nothing about my industry prior to working with me!”

D. Cooke

Owner, Digitech (Qld)

Business Coaching Areas

With many years of experience growing his own businesses, James helps his clients break through their growth challenges;

Planning for business growth and acceleration

Getting your team focused on the growth plan and priorities

Maximising sales from your existing clients and contacts

Attracting new A-Grade clients to your business

Improving team productivity and output

Reducing the businesses reliance on you – so you can have a break!

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