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James teaches that sales is an act of leadership. A salesperson leads the customer from not having their needs met to a position where they do have their needs met. A leadership approach to sales communication is far better than a convincing, overcoming style of communication often used by salespeople.

In a market where trust is lower than ever, salespeople can’t just rely on “telling” the prospect how good their product or service is. A new set of skills is required. Skills that enable the salesperson to open upon communication with the prospect, build trust and lead the prospect forward to a solution. This is very far removed from the traditional paradigm of selling.

This leadership paradigm can be applied to all stages of the sales process from prospecting to sales meetings to securing commitment to account development.

“I learned more in 4 training modules than in previous years of seminars.”

“After 30 years of sales, I still found new ways of selling and applying lessons learned.” 

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Fix The Weakest Link in Your Sales Process

Business Owners often concern themselves over sales conversion. This is a good metric to focus on in your business, one that can supercharge your profits if you get it right.

The devil is in the detail. There are many steps needed to move a prospect from first enquiry through to sales (and repeat sale!). Any one of these steps can either help the sale to progress or cause it to fall over.

Over the years I’ve noticed that most salespeople have an Achilles heel. That is one step in their sales process that kills more sales for them than any other step. Find this for each of your salespeople, fix it and watch your sales soar! Ask me how… 


sales training

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With many years of field sales experience behind him, James is used to making it happen in sales! He has a solid command of all aspects of the sales process.  A shortlist of topics include;

Prospecting and appointment setting

Leading sales meetings

The fortune in the follow-up

Crafting winning proposals (and not getting shopped)

Leading sales teams

The 4 ways to grow your sales

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