on booking your seat to the

“How to Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever in Business”

FREE Seminar in Toowong, April 5th, 5:45pm.

In this practical yet power-packed 1-hour seminar, you’ll discover 15 strategies to help you to;
  • Maximise the 5 best profit boosting strategies for small business.
  • Develop a mindset of excellence in business and in life.
  • Avoid the 4 steps to failure.
  • Overcome procrastination and start taking action to achieve your important goals.
  • Understand why most people don’t change and how you can change.
  • Use your mind to beat debilitating mental blocks and finally get what you want.
  • Let go of the past and move forward to a new and exciting future in business.
We are all looking forward to seeing you on the evening of the 5th of April. If you didn’t book a ticket for your business partner or your manager, just email me directly to reserve a free seat for them too.

Finally, bring your business cards. There will many great people in attendance.

Until then, every business success to you!

James McNamara

P.S. One final question …who else do you know who wants to kick big goals in business this year? Do those people a favour and pass this link onto them so they can book in –