James McNamara
Business Advisor & Leadership Expert

Thank you for contacting me. I’ve sent you an email with more of my contact details and some additional information.

I will be in touch with you by phone as soon as I can.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you…

James McNamara

Oh by the way, just in case you were wondering what else we can help you with, here’s a more complete list;

  • Training for leaders and supervisors on topics such as; employee engagement, performance management and maximising team productivity.
  • Training for sale people in all aspects of the sales process; prospecting and appointment setting; sales meetings; consultative selling; proposal writing; follow-up; sales planning and time management.
  • Training for your entire team on how to beat procrastination and get more done
  • Coaching for you in personal productivity; leadership; business planning; business growth and profit increase; sales.
  • Coaching for your leaders to help them improve team results as a leader
  • Consulting on your direct response marketing materials such as; website; emails; sales letters; brochures; etc.
  • Keynote presentation at your conference.

If you’d like to, we can talk more about any of these options when we catch up.

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