Why do High Achievers Use Coaches?

The Top 5 Reasons Why High Achievers Use Coaches

If you’ve ever followed high-level sport of any type, you’ll be familiar with the importance of The Coach. Whether it is team sport or individual, the coach is tremendously important to the success of the athlete(s). So do business owners, leaders and sales professionals also use coaches? Some do, while others don’t. Those who do have a track record of hitting their goals and taking themselves and their business forward. After business coaching in Brisbane for over two decades, I’ve developed a solid understanding of the key reasons why entrepreneurs opt to work with a business coach.

There are a handful of reasons;

  1. Sounding board
  2. Motivation
  3. Accountability
  4. Validation
  5. Expanded thinking
  6. Recognition It is true that needs differ between people and between phases of business and life.

However, it is common for most business owners, leaders and salespeople to share all six of these to some degree.

Let’s look at each in turn…


1. Sounding Board

As an owner or senior leader, who do you talk to when you need help? You spend all day helping and advising others in your business, but where do you go for support? Who listens to your challenges and frustration without an agenda or ax to grind? Clients can often talk themselves around to a sensational answer when they are genuinely listened to. A coach gets ‘actively involved’ in listening… it’s much more than polite silence when a good coach listens to you! Having a mature coach with life and business experience who can relate to you (and you to them) is a great formula to improve success.


2. Motivation

The people you associate with can be great motivation – if they are the right people. The sharing of ideas, the aha moments, the new and improved plans, the killer strategies and the encouragement all have a great impact on a person’s motivation. Ultimately motivation is an inside-out phenomenon. External encouragement and stimulation certainly help any business owner to feel more motivated to pursue their goals.


3. Accountability

If we return to the sporting analogy for a moment, despite an athlete’s own high standards and discipline, their coach is also there to hold them accountable. The coach measures their performance statistics week to week, replays game videos with them and sets course correcting plans aimed at the end goal. For business owners, and many senior leaders, there is no one to hold them accountable. They are at the top of the tree! Having a coach to commit you to; certain actions; testing new strategies; reporting on progress can have a dramatic impact on improved results.


4. Validation

Most people with an entrepreneurial spirit think, act and talk differently to non-entrepreneurs. For this reason, being a successful entrepreneur can be lonely. Have you ever tried to explain what you do to a person who has an everyday job? It can be hard for them to understand and relate to. One of the greatest human needs is to be understood and accepted. Working with a coach who ‘gets’ you and your business can be highly stimulating. Imagine working with a person who sees and understands your goal and has a deep appreciation of the business and leadership strategies to help you get there. Sounds magnificent!


5. Expanded thinking

The more senior you are, the less likely people are to challenge your thinking and your business initiatives. You can get surrounded by ‘yes people’ who may not have the confidence, skill or experience to offer alternatives. An external coach who if free from the pressure of internal politics or the desire for the next promotion can be objective and straight to the point. In addition, a coach can push your thinking into new areas to find fresh solutions to old problems.


6. Recognition

Everybody needs a pat on the back from time to time. As a business owner or senior leader, who can you brag too? In your position, you’re normally the one giving the praise, not receiving it. It’s very common for people who achieve great results to not be following the pack. They are often seen as unorthodox. Consequently, they don’t get lavished with praise from the mainstream. Moreover, many of the people in the business owners’ / senior leaders’ life don’t have a full appreciation of the tactics and strategies being implemented. They just don’t get the improving conversion ration from 2 in 5 to 3 in 5 equates to a 50% increase in revenue! Your coach gets it, and they will do somersaults at a result like that. Having a knowledgeable coach or being part of a coaching group or mastermind gives you close access to people who understand and appreciate your achievements.


What is business coaching?

Business coaching can be done in groups or individually at a premium. A good approach to business coaching is to begin with some goals and a plan. From there, regular coach contact focuses on making progress and accountability to tasks agreed upon. Coaching is not meant to do the work or even implement the strategies. That is the work of a contractor or service provider. Instead, a coach helps the business owner to set their sail, ride the swell and arrive at their destination in great shape! If you would like a business coach in Brisbane, then make direct contact with me via this site.

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